Coronaverse #17 – 2012-12-08 – Corona Cay Christmas Special 2012

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Topics discussed:

Crickets sing Jingle Bells

Winter Wonderland

The island is still fully rented

Old skates

Cheaty skates

Barrel o’ skates

Fail skates

The great christmas coconut

Arri’s theatre project update

Danny’s sledging memories

Way to go Keeme!

Virtual salt won’t rust your cars

Christmas costumes

Playing with pillows

Itasanta Radio

Christmas gift wishes

Audrey complains

Part two

Fake french accents

Christmas shopping

Jim Carrey

Santa on a pole

Santa the sex offender

Santana Claus

Keeme stole an 8-track

Stuart impressions

Stu’s radio project

Stu’s job

Anybody listening?

Keeme types

Some people can’t type the English

Das Boosted

Elmer Fudd, the teacher

Stuart signs off

Lightsabers of love

Nika is the WOW mafia

The Salvation Army

We are the pioneers

Putting off the aliens

The end of the world

No more Twinkies

It’s but then, you knew that…

Keeme pleads against penis placement

Apocalypse podcast plans

Flipping the time zones

Racist Claus

Podcast monetisation

Music: “Deck The Halls” Rush Coil’s 8-bit Christmas

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